Ammara Rana is a Makeup Artist with over 15 years of experience Based in New York but  currently between New York and Dubai, Ammara works with agencies Internationally.  As an immigrant from East Asia, and  raised in America,  Ammara's vision is heavily influenced by being delved in both  East and West Cultures. Her pursuit and passion of travel, lead to her global career as a Makeup Artist.  Her main source of inspiration comes from  traveling all over the world leisurely, immersing herself in new cultures and visiting historical landmarks that also have had a life-changing impact on her career, eye for detail and inspiration which influence both art and fashion in her creative process. Ammara  has worked with Luxury Brands internationally for  various campaigns,  and publications. Her work also includes but not limited to e-commerce, adverts, commercials and celebrity clientele.

             As a beauty aficionado, she discovered her passion for make up watching TV before anyone was  up- during her  early  adolescent years to watch Fashion Runway shows & late nights for Red Carpet events. She has continued pursing her passion for mastering and acquiring knowledge  in  skincare, fashion and the beauty scene which is continually prominent in her work. Ammara’s signature is creating beautiful skin as a canvas to display her work. She takes pride in exhibiting fresh youthful skin and enhancing features. “My main focal point is to bring out  amazing skin with minimal product to start. I would consider my process as to not focus on reinventing the past,  but  keeping  ahead of the future in my work  to further our team's vision as a whole."  Side Note from the Writer (me): Audrey Hepburn is my whole inspiration which I tend to draw from and see the world through her view. I try to embody those views and values in my work ethic, skill and the ideal of true beauty. 

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