First stop:   EWR < LHR 

Heathrow!! Sitting at Newark , waiting forever for this flight to depart! Been delayed two hours due to engine problems ✈️ finally departing and there’s more delay to ensure this bootleg flight is sorted out. Booking a Luftansa Flight, in which my experience has been one of the best airlines to travel under, when operated by United Airlines is a straight up joke. The flight was so crammed I barely survived. I think it’s a ploy for United to trick people into purchasing their own airline tickets!  Anyway, London was always a dream of mine. Everything about British Culture has been a huge part of who I am and what I love.  If I can come across Mr. Darcy, my stop was totally worth it ;) Kidding. 

But can’t wait to share more! x 

Oh I didn’t get to post about my little trip to NY.

the fact that I was running around in the rain and walked for hours on end each day doing last minute stuff before leaving for london.. I attended a SAKSFIFTHAVE shoe event with no other than Manolo Blanik! it was pretty surreal. Except the shoe/book signing line ended and I could only stand by and stare at him for a minutes before leaving… and then ran into the the Burberry counter to spend money on stuff I didn’t need to -_-. 

Anyway I went to the St. Patrick’s Cathedral which super breath taking! The architecture was beautiful and despite the opulence of cathedral it was very humbling and serene! 

England, here I come! x


“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.”

-Roman Payne


The Modern Muse

Hi Everyone! Today, I head out to start my trip as I start in New York, and work my away across country! Needless to say my room is a tornado and packing is killing me!!! Why TSA why!!!!!! My new blog, The Modern Muse (thanks Tim, for helping me decide on the name ) will cover my entire trip, combining the exciting and crazy traveling, style and beauty which couldn’t have started at a better time!  I will do my best to document the entire trip! Every moment of it!! I can’t wait to start this journey and share the world with you as I see it! 

“One’s destination is never a place, its a new way of seeing things” -Henry Miller 

                                              x- Ammara 

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